About Our Aerial Journey

EJS-Aerial was born out of a passion for aviation and seeing the world from the air.  Ed Stephens, EJS-Aerial’s founder and creative director is not only a commercial drone pilot but has been around aviation all his life; from his first flight as a small child, flying model aircraft and then at the age of 17 gaining his pilot’s licence he has amassed hundreds of flying hours of experience and had some amazing aerial experience both in the UK and abroad, both in the military and as a civilian.


This passion has led to wanting to share similar experiences by turning your vision into an aerial reality and offering you a service that surpasses all your expectations and helps you gain a unique perspective on what is important to you.


The ‘Drone’ – A world class UAV with a single flight time of 25 minutes and optical sensors built in to improve safety.  This is the tool of choice for aerial videographers and photographers worldwide.


The ‘Camera’ - An enhanced video processing system allows video to be captured in cinema quality optimised at 4K/60fps, enabling high resolution slow motion shots yielding amazing imagery.


With a 1-Inch 20-Megapixel Sensor this allows the drone’s camera to capture more information in every pixel, improving dynamic range, noise and low light performance and ultimately giving you the aerial image you want.


EJS Aerials Pilots are all fully qualified and licensed by the Civilian Aviation Authority.



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