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From the first point of contact to the completion of the works our aim is to offer you or your company the highest possible level of service which is tailored specifically to your needs.  Safety is paramount and all our operations will follow rigorous guidelines laid down by the Civilian Aviation Authority. And, for your piece of mind we carry full third party liability insurance.


Once the ‘flying’ element of the works is completed your footage or photographs will be edited in post-production to ensure a final result which will surpass all your expectations.

Promotional Material – By using aerial videography or imagery on your website or media platforms you can positively influence your potential customers by standing out from the crowd with something truly unique to you. Not only will it help promote your creativity it will ignite the imagination of the customers.

Property Marketing – Add a new dimension to your property sale and showcase it to its maximum potential.  By having aerial photographs or video of your home you are allowing potential buyers to see it from a unique prospective and spark their imagination.  Aerial imagery will give them the opportunity to appreciate your house position or aspect in relation to its surroundings, putting you in a better place to sell your property.

Construction – Whether you need an initial site survey or a record of construction to be kept.  Whether you are a commercial client who needs imagery for planning, or a domestic client that simply wants have memories of their dream project please get in touch to talk about your requirements today.


Inspections – We can produce detailed images and video of areas that are difficult to access by conventional means. Structures that have working at height implications or require expensive equipment to be hired can be inspected in minutes with a 'drone'. The images can then be reviewed live on site enabling you to make immediate decision and drastically reducing timescales.

Service Limitations – In order maintain a safe working environment for us as an operator, you as the customer and also the wider general public there are various environments and conditions we are unable to operate in which may include;


- Airspace Restrictions (close to airports/Military Zones)

- Where you live or wish us to operate

- The weather (high winds/poor visibility/rain)


All of these limitations will be talked about with you and looked into in depth before any commitment is made.  And, if as it often the case with the weather and it doesn’t play ball on the planned day of operation then we will re-schedule for another day completely free of charge.



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